Our Staff

Front Office Staff

Ms. Karen - Ms. Karen is MEA's Executive Director/Head of School.  Ms. Karen is AMS Montessori Certified Instructor and completed her training at the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado.  Ms Karen has been a primary directress at both Keystone Montessori and Montessori Educare Academy.  Ms. Karen believes in the benefits of Montessori and has three children that have all attended Montessori schools.  Ms. Karen's son graduated from MEA in 2010.  Ms. Karen's favorite areas of the classroom are math and language.

Ms. Heather – Ms. Heather works in the front office at MEA. She functions as the Director and office manager.  She joined MEA in the spring of 2005 and has been a pillar of strength, continuity and joy.   Heather has a sunny disposition and always sees the positive aspect of a situation.  Prior to joining MEA, Ms. Heather worked as a lead toddler teacher in traditional preschool environment.  Ms. Heather was an in-home daycare provider for several years. Ms. Heather is the mother of a college aged son, Nikolai.

Ms. Brandee – Ms. Brandee is MEA’s founder and former owner.   She founded MEA out of a desire to have a more nurturing academic Montessori environment for her children.  Ms. Brandee has a Chemical Engineering degree from Texas A&M and an MBA from Harvard Business School.   

Pre-Toddler Staff

Ms. Vikki  – Ms. Vikki is the lead teacher in our pre-toddler class.  Ms. Vikki began working at MEA during the summer of 2004 in our infant program where she taught sign language, object permanence and worked to build their gross motor skills.  She holds three bachelors degrees, and a teaching certificate. She has two grandchildren that have graduated from MEA.

Ms. Gabby -

Toddler Staff

Ms. Michelle - Ms Michelle joined MEA in March 2009 after moving from Ireland, where she lived for 11 years.  She completed her Montessori Training in Dublin.  In addition to working in a Montessori environment, Ms. Michelle has also worked with children who have special needs.  Ms. Michelle is originally from Scotland. 

Ms. Michele - Ms. Michele joined MEA in 2015.  She works in our Toddler program as an Assistant and leads our Toddler Aftercare program.  She is the mom of five and lives here in Ahwatukee.

Ms. Jourdan - Ms. Jourdan began her career here at MEA in 2009 in our Toddler Aftercare program.  She attended Desert Vista High School and graduated from University of Arizona in 2015.  She returned to MEA and is now a lead teacher in our Toddler program.  She grew up in a Montessori environment and is working on completing her AMS certification.

Primary Staff

Ms. Pam – Ms. Pam joined MEA in 2003.  She has worked with toddlers, pre-toddlers, and primary aged students.  Ms Pam completed her AMS training and was awarded her AMS Certificate in 2005. program Ms. Pam's warm and loving spirit creates a nurturing and fun environment for the children in her classroom. Ms. Pam is the Montessori directress for classroom 5. 

Ms. Jennifer - Ms Jennifer joined MEA after moving to Arizona from Albuquerque, NM.  She completed her AMS/NCME training in 2003 and was subsequently awarded her AMS Certificate.  She began by revamping our aftercare program and then leading a summer class.  Ms Jennifer is the Montessori Directress for Classroom 8.  Ms Jennifer's favorite areas of the classroom are math and sensorial. 

Ms. Lauren - Ms. Lauren worked in our Toddler After Care several years ago.  After graduating from NAU, she returned to our Primary program.  Lauren just completed her AMS certification through Khalsa Montessori Training in Tucson and will be leading Classroom 7.

Ms. Anny – Ms. Anny is an assistant teacher in classroom 5 with Ms. Pam, as well as MEA’s primary Spanish teacher. She speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys sharing her knowledge with our students.  She joined MEA in August of 2003 and has earned the love and admiration of MEA’s students and teachers.  Ms Anny has worked in our toddler and infant programs and also taught our summer elementary classes and Spanish immersion program.

Ms. Sue - Ms. Sue works as a primary teacher’s assistant in Room 8 with Ms. Jennifer.  She has a background in the credit and customer service business.  Her career as an adult trainer spanned 20 years and three countries.  Her life experience as a mother of twins and a grandmother of four makes her a perfect match for our primary program.   One of Ms. Sue's grandchildren attends MEA and another is a graduate.

Ms Mandy - Ms. Mandy joined our staff in 2014 and is working as an assistant in Room 7.  She has a degree in Psychology and Counseling from Stetson University/Rollins College.  She is mom of two kids, one graduate of MEA and another in our Primary program.

Ms. Diane - Ms. Diane joined us in 2012.  She attended Florida State University and has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business.  She completed her Montessori training through CMTE/New York in 2002.  She has extensive experience teaching Primary in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  She will be floating support staff to our Primary program.


Ms. Gabby

Ms. Wendi - Ms. Wendi joined MEA in November 2012.  Her extensive babysitting and childcare experience make her the perfect addition to our Toddler staff.  Ms. Wendi grew up in Mississippi and holds a Bachelor of Science from Mississippi College.  Her nephews  both attended MEA.

Ms. Demi

Ms. Robyn